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Mako Shark Fort Lauderdale


Jul 5, 2012, 7:07 AM

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Mako Shark Fort Lauderdale

June 29, 2012

This afternoon Mike, Darin, and Arvin went shark fishing off of Fort Lauderdale beach. They ran out to three hundred and fifty feet of water, loaded up with nice fresh bonitos, caught on the way out the inlet. They were ready for a sea monster, with rods set up with 2 hook rigs, using #19 wire and 400 lb leader. After a good hour of waiting, the mid bait got hit, but the fish missed the bait. With a little patience they were confident the fish would come back, and sure enough, he came back and he was on. Darin gunned the boat to set the hook good and this huge Mako shark came jumping out of the water into the air. Too bad they didnít have a camera ready because it was a cool site to see! The crew finally boated the monster 250 lb. Mako. It was a great fight, and now itís some good eating.

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