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Fishing december


Dec 10, 2012, 5:59 PM

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Fishing december

December 6, 2012

Unseasonably warm weather and calm seas made for pleasant fishing aboard the Lady Pamela III driftfishing boat today. Our anglers were busy catching plenty of kingfish, yellowtail snappers, grunts and some big gray triggerfish. We even landed a few hog snappers! Hogfish are found throughout the Caribbean in hard bottom areas and coral reefs and are widely targeted by spearfishermen. They are not true snappers but are actually members of the wrasse family, and are a tasty fish nonetheless. The juvenile hogfish start out as female and then after a certain age mature to become male.

The Lady Pamela IV sportfishing boat spent the morning trolling the outer reef edge out to 200 feet of water. The crew landed some nice blackfin tunas, perfect for sashimi and fresh tuna steaks. They also spent a little time toward the end of the charter deep-dropping live baits over a wreck and caught three nice amberjacks.

Tight lines,

Capt David Ide

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