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24 lb Mahi - Mahi caught on 30 lb Tackle



Feb 28, 2009, 4:10 AM

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24 lb Mahi - Mahi caught on 30 lb Tackle Can't Post

Thursday Afternoon, Keith and his family joined the Lady Pamela II for an eight hour expedition offshore Fort Lauderdale. Keith had a special request to hook his 85 yr old father up with a shark during their fishing trip. Within the first five minutes of trolling, a three ft Remora ate the bait. Keith and his crew got a good look at the Remora's head and I explained what the sucker actually does, they were amazed. After we landed the Remora, we didn't get another bite for over two hours. It was time to switch things up. We ran down south to a ship wreck, popped the kites and to really try our luck, we dropped two bloody shark baits down there. Dropping on a wreck is usually a win-win situation if anything is down there, it's almost like knocking on your buddies front door. Good thing everybody on the boat was patient. An hour went by before the bobber went under, then we knew we were hooked to something big. A 45 minute battle took place before we saw the 5 1/5 ft Sandbar Silhouette. Sandbar Sharks are federally protected sea monsters, Keith's father found out just how tough Game Sharks fight when he wrestled this one to the boat. It is truly rewarding work, he had a grin on his face from ear to ear after taming this great fish. Fishing was on target today, our anglers reeled in three really nice size bonitos and two of those delicious dolphin back to back. The 24 lb'er put up one hell of a fight on 30 lb tackle, think of hunting Elephants with bebe guns.

That's what you call great fishing offshore Fort Lauderdale. What an accomplishment for Keith's father.

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide


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