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Action on the Ledge



Mar 25, 2009, 4:40 AM

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This afternoon, Ken and his son joined Joe and Maxim for a full day of fishing aboard the Lady Pamela II. We left home base with Captain Paul at the helm and myself in the cockpit. Bait was the first thing the Lady Pamela II needed to get the day started. We stopped at a local bait spot and stocked up on live bluerunners and speedos. Fishing started off slow, slow, slow. We caught one King Mackerel on the troll and that was it. Last week blew today out of the water, Kingfish wise. We couldn't get away from those things just a few days ago. Captain Paul ran us over to a shipwreck where we dropped fresh bait and crossed our fingers that fishing would pick up. The big bluerunner went down deep and as soon as it hit bottom I started reeling as fast as I could. Too late. By the time I got the bite, the fish swam into the wreck and broke us off. It was a bummer, but we knew there was action down there. I went for round 2 with another bluerunner and this time we were hooked. Ken's son called dibs on the fighting chair and man did he have one hell of a time reeling this fish in. Job well done, our angler fought a monster Amberjack. I made another drop just to see if there was anybody else down there that was hungry. Joe was in the hot seat now. He could now relate to Ken's son on how tough game fish fight. The Lady Pamela II went 2 for 3 on the Amberjack bite while wreck fishing. The ledge was our next pit stop. We trolled over it and within 20 minutes Maxim landed a 28" Barracuda. We got some awesome shots of the 'cuda and then released him for someone else to fight in the future.

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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