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March Wind has Come to a Hault!



Apr 2, 2009, 9:34 AM

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March Wind has Come to a Hault! Can't Post

As always, the March wind has been howling, but the fishing has been phenomenal. Today was the first day in about a week where it hasn't been 8 ft seas. The sea sickness sets in rather quick when it's rolling out there, but the weather has finally broke, for now!

This morning, Anthony and his family joined Captain Freddy and myself aboard the Lady Pamela II for a fun day out on the water. We headed offshore with a light breeze lingering over South Florida and 3 ft swells. The Sailfish have been present so we loaded up with live gogg's and went straight to the edge. I popped two kites with four live baits dangling on the surface as Freddy dropped a dead bonito on the bottom. After about 30 minutes of fishing and not catching, the pink bobber started to get heavy. That is always a good sign and I knew something was messing with our bait. I reeled the bait carefully and finally got tight. Captain Freddy pulled the boat ahead and it was on. Anthony was engaged with the sea monster for close to an hour. Once the huge Thresher Shark came up to the surface and we got a good look at him, he decided he wasn't ready to give in and took a run. After another 45 minutes of fighting this Game Shark, Anthony got him up to the boat, we tagged him and watched him swim away whipping his tail into the air. The battle went on for an hour and a half, but man was it fun! Big Eye Thresher Sharks are neat game fish with their unique tails and huge peck fins.

Once we hit the dock, Anthony and his family stepped off the Lady Pamela II with a great story and the catch of a lifetime under their belts. We loaded up for for our afternoon trip and went out for round two. Elan and her whole family set sail with the Lady Pamela II to head offshore deep sea fishing. As soon as we hit open water, trolling gear was set and we went straight to the reef. Right off the bat, a fish ate our deep bait and our anglers reeled in a 10 lb Kingfish. I had a good feeling about trolling this afternoon, we had fresh strips and they always do the trick on the troll. King's were hitin' the deck left and right, catching a total of 11, keeping a total of 9. Everybody had a blast reeling in the Kings. When we got back to home base, I cut and bagged all the fish so they could have a nice Sunday BBQ.

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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