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Big Eye Threshers or Black Groupers...which do you prefer?



Apr 7, 2009, 8:45 PM

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Big Eye Threshers or Black Groupers...which do you prefer? Can't Post

The Lady Pamela II sure is starting off Spring right! We've been fishing non-stop and coming home with some unbelievable stories and pictures to prove it!

Spring is in the air! After a long, cold Florida winter, it's about time. The water temperatures have been noticeably warmer, the fishing has been phenomenal and the seas are starting to calm down after a brutal March wind. Dont' get me wrong, March didn't let us down a bit, it definitely lived up to it's reputation. However, April is going to blow March out of the water here in sunny South Florida. Get ready for the fish stories.

This morning, Rick and his family joined Captain Paul and Captain Darin aboard the Lady Pamela II to catch "big fish." Rick wanted a big fish, we were going to give him a big fish alright, or at least try our absolute hardest. We headed straight to 350 ft of water and dropped our bait. When we got the bite, it was the sickest bite Captain Paul had ever seen in his years of Sportfishing. The rod started screamin and the line was just peelin' off the reel. Rick and his whole family got a taste of this Sea Monster for over an hour. When the fish finally gave in, our anglers got it within range of the boat and got a good look at it. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what they just went to war with. They all pulled together as a team to reel in a Big Eye Thresher Shark just shy of 14 ft. How many people does it take to land a Thresher Shark? ALOT. The Lady Pamela II went 2 for 2 on the Big Eye Threshers this week. They're a rare catch and very unique to say the least.

This afternoon, George Gonzalez traveled south from North Carolina to bring his wife Deep Sea Fishing aboard the LP II. Fishing started off pretty slow, a King Mackerel here, a King Mackerel there. Nothing too exciting. We packed up after a George reeled in a few Kings and headed to the wreck. We made the first drop of the day with a live blue runner in a 140 ft of blue water. The trick is, 20 cranks off the bottom. George reeled in a big Black Grouper weighing in around 20 lbs. Works every time. Well, when the fish are hungry down there.

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide


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