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Giant Game Fish on the Wreck



May 21, 2009, 4:24 AM

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Giant Game Fish on the Wreck Can't Post

This afternoon, we had a group of people from all over the country; Gary from Canada, Jeff and his wife from Georgia, Bill from Michigan and Ray from Fort Lauderdale. All five had one thing in common; they wanted to catch fish, lots of fish. The anxious anglers set sail aboard the Lady Pamela II around 11 AM with Justin in the cockpit and myself at the helm. We headed to the local buoy to load up on live bait, but they werenít cooperating with us. Plan B for bait Ė anchor off a shipwreck along the beach and hope for the best. The Bluerunners and Speedos couldnít hide for long; we filled the well to the rim and ran to fertile grounds.

Justin put the trolling gear out with six lines figuring at least one would attract a King Mackerel, Mahi or a Blackfin Tuna. Nope! Not even a nibble. We tried and tried on the troll but nothing was going on and our anglers were getting antsy. There was some action at a wreck down south so Justin pulled everything in and we were off. Ten miles later and there we were, at the wreck. After two drive byís and no bites, I said to myself, one more and thatís it. Three times a charm. We nailed a giant Barracuda and Gary was the man. He fought the 40 inchíer for a good 10 minutes before the Barracuda gave in. We got some photos and said adios as the fish swam away.

I made another pass around the wreck and we got a big bite on the surface. Bill jumped into the hot seat and reeled in an even bigger Barracuda. This fish was over 4 ft long and had one mean set of teeth. Our first wreck of the day wasnít an instant bite, but it definitely didnít let us down in the end.

The shipwrecks were holding heavy today so I ran over to the deep wreck and made a drop on top. Ray and Jeff got a nice workout reeling in some jacks (they didnít realize these game fish fought so hard).

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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