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Nighttime Swordfishing Trip - 300 lb'er



Jul 10, 2009, 5:25 AM

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Nighttime Swordfishing Trip - 300 lb'er Can't Post

On Saturday night, David and his son set sail with Captain Paul and me for an all nighter Swordfish trip. A bit ironic, there was a Swordfishing Tournament taking place offshore. We left Lauderdale Marina around 5 PM and arrived to our destination around 7 PM, trolling our way to Swordfish grounds. As soon as we hit our spot, lines went in the water and the night began for us. Not even an hour after deploying our baits, David reeled in a 90 lb Broadbill. It was a pretty instant bite so lines went back down immediately. Before we knew it, we were hooked again. Davidís son grabbed the rod, got situated in the chair and started reeling. A 46 inchíer came alongside the boat and we released him for a future fight. At this point in the game, we werenít necessarily catching big fish, but we were getting the bite and we werenít complaining. Two long hours went by before we got another bite. After a 30 minute battle, David won with the Broadbill Swordfish at the transom. Three times a charm, right? Davidís son landed a beefy 300 lbíer to top off the night. Captain Paul and I havenít seen the Nighttime Swordfish bite go off like this in a long time. Too bad we werenít fishing the tournament; we probably would have won with that guy!

Nowís the time to venture offshore to catch Broadbill Swordfish. The seas are flat calm and the bite is on!

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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