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Monster Mako Shark



Oct 3, 2009, 4:23 AM

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Monster Mako Shark Can't Post

Starting off October with a monster Mako Shark!

This afternoon, Captain Paul and Captain Darin set sail with Ryan, his daughter and his wife aboard the Lady Pamela II. Once Captain Paul cleared the port and hit open water, he led the family north to troll the reef. Trolling wasn’t attracting; Ryan’s daughter reeled in a King Mackerel and that was it for the bite. Ryan had something bigger in mind so they headed to a shipwreck in 300 ft of blue water and made a drop. A live bluerunner caught the eye of a nice fish. Ryan was in the chair and ready to reel. Once Ryan battled the fish to the surface, Captain Paul yelled “SHARK!! DARIN, SHARK!” Paul ran down from the bridge and grabbed a shark rig as Darin pulled the Amberjack into the boat. Paul cut a chunk out of the Amberjack to attract the game shark and threw it over the side. At this point, the shark is munching on the bait as Paul set the hook. “Round two Ryan!” Ryan won the 30 minute battle with a monster Mako shark. Once they got a hold of the leader, Paul threw the harpoon and the fish took a run, he was not a happy camper. After a tough 30 minutes, another 10 minute run is brutal on the angler. It was all worth it in the end once they got to see the set of teeth on this bad boy. Awesome catch guys!

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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