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March 2008 - Fishing Report



Apr 12, 2008, 7:18 PM

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March 2008 - Fishing Report Can't Post


March is finally here and the game shark bite is on fire right now off of Fort Lauderdale; they sure have arrived! They've had a long winter and now they are ready to party!

Shark fishing season has just begun and it's been better than ever. Within the past week, we have fought a several battles with these monster fish. Mike and his buddies from Montreal decided to go deep sea fishing on Monday, March 10th . Mike and his gang landed two shark bites within one hour, both putting up a fight. Big game sharks are definitely not a guaranteed species to catch out here, but it's looking like nows the time.

Out of all the sharks in the world, perhaps the easiest one to identify is the hammerhead shark. Its thick, broad head, which looks very much like the profile of mallet is how it got it's name. The shape of the shark's head, wide and flattened, serves important biological functions. It provides lift, which improves the shark's swimming abilities. It also extends the shark's sensory systems: the eyes are placed far apart, improving its field of vision also increasing their sensitivity. Hammerheads can easily have up to 50 teeth in the front rows of the upper and lower jaws, and they only last 10 days. These fierce game sharks shed around 1800 teeth per year, and tens of thousands in a life time.The hammerhead is a vicious predator with a good sense of smell that helps it find its prey. Hammerhead's are known to eat fish, including rays, other sharks, squid, and crustaceans.

I'd have to say, March, April & May are my three favoirte months to fish off of Fort Lauderdale. This time of year, big game sharks like hammerheads, threshers and makos run a massive migration along the Southeast coastline, and they are taking over. Within the next couple of months, we're going to start seeing some of the biggest fish we're going to catch all year long. The hammerheads that we're seeing and catching are generally between 5-7 feet in length, weighing in at 100-200 lbs. These are some pretty big fish we're dealing with, they are bigger than you. Not only are hammerheads hot right now, sailfish are jumping and the mahi-mahi are biting. Towards the end of March, there will be a big dolphin snap and it should last about 2-3 weeks. There's nothing like fresh dolphin for dinner...

Tight Lines,
Captain David

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