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Giant Thresher Shark with one helluva temper!



Mar 12, 2010, 4:23 AM

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Giant Thresher Shark with one helluva temper! Can't Post

March 5th, 2010

During our morning trip, we were very successful with a Game Shark bite and two nice fish on the wreck. This afternoon, Carl, Pete, Jim and Mark joined the Lady Pamela II for round two and we were anxious to see what was biting. We trolled for one hour without any takers. We tried bait fishing, not even a nibble. However, we didnít get discouraged, our morning trip started out slow as well. I decided to move into deeper water and drop a big bait below. For two whole hours, we were fishing and not catching. Then unexpectedly, our bait intrigued a Thresher Shark with one helluva temper. Mark was the first angler to call dibs on the rod. Mark gave it a shot then gave it away. It took all four of our anglers to catch this monster fish. It wasnít easy, but they did it, nice catch guys!

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Captain David Ide

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