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Blue Marlin



May 3, 2008, 6:02 AM

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Blue Marlin Can't Post

It was a Friday afternoon in late March and conditions were perfect for kite fishing. We ran just a few miles north of Port Everglades and popped up two kites with a lively set goggs. The wind was blowing from the east on a nice bluewater edge in about 150 feet of water. Two hours of patiently waiting for a bite, the kite falls and we are hooked to a giant hammerhead by the rod tip. "We got him on Capt!" screams David. The hammerhead started to do the infamous head shake and within minutes he fell off.

Captain Paul decided to hit another spot close by, pop the kites up and see if anything happening over there. Another long hour of fishing, not catching, goes by.

Timing is everything.

"We got ourselves in on some real action now" says Captain Paul. The left short came tight, and the fish started to run as far away from the boat as he possibly could. Captain Paul backed down hard and fast, trying to keep up with the fish. Captain David grabbed the liter. The fish jumped 10 feet and we couldn't believe our eyes, it was a Blue Marlin. Two and half hours at war with this pelagic species and many grabs at the liter, the fish ran into shallow water across the Port Everglades chanel. A Pilot boat tried to run over our line once and failed. He came around the boat again and ran within 100 feet of the transom and cut our line. However, when you touch the liter it still counts as a release. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and a rare occasion off of Fort Lauderdale.

And That is how the Blue Marlin got away...

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