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Sailfish / Fleet Week; Fishing in Ft Lauderdale, Florida



May 2, 2010, 3:59 AM

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Sailfish / Fleet Week; Fishing in Ft Lauderdale, Florida Can't Post

April 30th, 2010

On April 26th, we welcomed the Navy, the Coastguard and Canadian vessels as they sailed into Port Everglades for Fleet Week 2010. Fort Lauderdale was flooded with US Military and we got to see them leave Port Everglades as Fleet Week came to a close today.

Today, Peter, Guy, Doc and 3 other friends joined Captain Paul and me for a repeat fishing trip aboard the Lady Pamela II in Ft Lauderdale. Peter hadnít fished aboard the Lady Pamela II since August of 2009, he was amazed at our renovations and our new articulating fighting chair. We poked out of Port Everglades and released our trolling spread into the water. The Kingfish and the Bonito fish werenít hiding. Three Blackfin Tuna hit the cockpit and went into the fish box for dinner. We topped off the trip with a nice size Amberjack at the wreck.

This afternoon, Mike and his two buddies came fishing from California and wanted to land some fresh Dolphin. Once we reached a nice blue edge offshore, the kites went into the air. Within 30 seconds, the deep bait got hit and Mike reeled in a 100 lb Hammerhead Shark. About 10 minutes after our Game Shark, we missed a Mahi. It happens. We placed our trolling gear in the water and watched the rods. There wasnít much action on the troll until I got the bite on my high line. We hooked up with an April Sailfish and it began jumping right in front of our eyes. That was probably one of the last Sailfish we will see until the season kicks off again in the fall. We expertly released the Sailfish back into the blue and ended the day with two Blackfin Tuna for dinner.

Check out for pictures of the submarine and the Sailfish

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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