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Fishing fort lauderdale and Miami Lady Pamela 2



Oct 31, 2011, 7:17 AM

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Fishing fort lauderdale and Miami Lady Pamela 2 Can't Post

Lady Pamela 2 Fishing Charters
October 21, 2011
Today was a lot of fun The morning trip I had the lambert bros from new jersey a great group of guy Fishing was a little slow in the morning. We kite fished four three hours in the morning with live goggleye’s never saw a fish in the kite so we went trolling for the last hour the kingfish where biting pretty good using planner boards and fresh strips and sea witches.
On the afternoon charter we had Thad, Woolley , Cody, Bret all from Texas and you could tell they where a lot of fun. We purchased live bait on the way out to try some kite fishing after a cold front like this gets the sailfish up and moving from the north to the south. The cold front that pushed threw today it was 64 degrees and wind blowing out of the north around 15- 20. The first ten min of kite fishing 110 feet or water Woolley caught a 15 lb kingfish we put the kite back out 25 min went by I saw a edge offshore of us in 650 feet of water I ran out there with the kites up it was 6-8 foot seas and two out of the six customers were getting sick after 25 min I decided to reel them up. As we where reeling the baits up a school of 10 lb mahi mahi swam up and we caught two of them and ran back to calm water. A good friend of mind Ray Ray called me on the phone and said when he was running back from palm beach he saw a few school of mullet swimming one in 110 feet of water and one in 250 feet. He said he might have seen some sailfish on them so I reel in the kite’s an ran north in the tuna tower got 4 miles up the line and saw a huge school of mullet 100 feet I yelled to Paul to get some spinners ready to cast as soon as I pullet up to the bait ball there was at leased six fish there maybe 8 the first bait paul pitched he hook a nice sailfish we caught the fish in five min ran back the school and pitched another bait. This time one of our guested pitched the bait and hooked a sailfish on his own put broke it off we saw one more fish that we pitched a bait to several time but it wouldn’t eat it was a great trip and to see all those sail fish on top was a sight.

Tight Lines,
Capt David Ide
954 761 8045

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