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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing


Capt. Steve

Sep 20, 2013, 6:45 AM

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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Can't Post

Deep sea fishing starts just 1 mile from shore here off Fort Lauderdale. Itís almost hard to believe that the reef line that protects the Florida Keys is the same reef line found just 1 mile from shore. Beyond that reef line comes ocean that bottoms out at over 2500í and there are no fences so any fish that swims can and will come close to shore.

Today our group was hungry. LOL Robert, his son Brandon, Derrick and a few others were looking to take home some fish to eat. We are always happy to oblige and for this type of fishing, we put out things that attract ALL kinds of species. One thing Iíve learned is that any fish will eat any bait if heís hungry and it is presented well. After all, thatís what fishing is all aboutÖ Enticing a fish to strike.

With it being Brandonís first time deep sea fishing, he was our first angler, as it had been decided by the group. Justin set the lines as we headed out past the sea buoy, we made a turn or 2 and our first bite came on one of the deep lines. The planer was tripped but no fish was there and as Justin retrieved the line, he felt another, then another swipe at the bait.

This is a classic move by Sailfish as they try to bill the bait before eating it. And as we move through the water with the planer tripped, the bait rises to the surface with the fish following close behind. And what does this rising fish find on the surface? More baits to eat. LOL

Justin was already working one of the surface baits, making it seem more active than just being drug through the water and within seconds the fish was on it. Swiping his bill, making big moves trying to eat and finally he was hooked and Brandonís first ever deep sea fish was on and jumping.

It always amazes me how much advice is given by those that arenít fighting the fish. LOL But even through all the yelling and screaming, Brandon managed to get the fish next to the boat for a few pictures and of course, high 5ís from all. This fish was not boated so I never got a picture of it. The flag Brandon is holding will have to suffice. 

Here is our group with the rest of their catch back at the dock. The summertime Bonitos and a King rounded our day out. And all this happened deep sea fishing off Fort Lauderdale just a little over 1 mile from shore.

Capt. Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing Charters
(954) 728-9880

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