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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Report


Capt. Steve

Oct 14, 2013, 2:18 PM

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Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Report Can't Post

The Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing report is a mixed bag today as we began our day with a local friend and friends of his that were visiting. Carl is a local that loves to fish but seldom has good luck at it. He and I have talked about what heís using and how itís being presented as he fishes locally and in the Bahamas when the opportunity arrives. With his friends in town, we wanted to put on the best he could provide and called me to help him out. So Sunday morning we all met at the boat and we were off even though itís normally my day off.

I have to say that fishing for a living can have its pressures of always trying to provide the best action and fulfilling the wants of our guests. Well, that triples when itís a personal friend. A few in his group had done some extensive fishing and it hasnít been exactly red hot lately but the group was in good spirits and you couldnít have asked for a better day. Calm seas, some overcast and light winds made for a delightful day on the water and since the group was hungry? Trolling is the best way this time of year to provide food fish.

Carl had all kinds of questions for Justin as we set out the gear, and a few for me trying to pick my brain for some hints to improve his luck. Weíve always been happy to share what we know and soon we had our first fish. At this point, I canít even remember if it was a small Kingfish or a Blackfin Tuna, we caught some of each, but catching fish is like making moneyÖ The first million is the toughest and our first fish was in the box.

As time went on, we picked at Kingfish and Tunas, some undersized Kings were released and the Tunas were kept. The action wasnít faced paced by any means but it was steady and we were delighted.

This time of year here, fishing in Fort Lauderdale, offers two things on regular basis. Wahoo which are feeding on the Tunas and the small Sailfish that proceed the more fully grown of the species. We had one of the deep lines sing out and Justin and I were hoping for a Wahoo.

As Austin fought the fish, it tracked like a Wahoo, shook its head like a Wahoo, never jumped like a Wahoo and even when I first saw it, I called ďStriperĒ to JustinÖ Until I saw its sail. What we had would have been a very nice Wahoo had it been one but it was, in fact, a juvenile Sailfish possibly 4í long and weighing 12 to 15 lbs.. Just a child in the grand scope of things,

Sailfish all think they are 7í long and weight 40 lbs. or better whether they are or not and this little guy certainly wasnít happy about being boated and de-hooked. But he settled down and posed for a picture with our angler Austin before swimming away after release. Next time someone hooks this fish, heíll be bigger, smarter and tougher to get to the boat.

Thatís my story for the Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing report. And Iím sticking to it. 

Capt. Steve Souther
Fort Lauderdale Off Shore Fishing Charters
(954) 728-9880

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