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Each of Pairs of Stockings Has A Adorable Bow Design


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Dec 23, 2013, 6:57 PM

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Each of Pairs of Stockings Has A Adorable Bow Design Can't Post

Everybody likes to dress up in fancy dress. Even the most conservative dresser secretly loves to masquerade as something extravagant and out of character for at least one night of the year.

It's traditionally supposed to be a happy-go-lucky celebration of all things spooky rather than an excuse to reveal all, yet modern tradition has seen the rise of the latter in women's costumes. If you walked into any high street shop during mid-October, you are likely to have been met with a line of Halloween costumes for women that are advertised as 'sexy'. Despite all of this, due to a laughably awful experience with sheer backseam stockings during last year's holiday season, I've never worn vintage style backseam stockings. Enter Sweet Pins, an Austrialian brand who has smartly designed their house brand of stockings to work for both taller women and plus size women. As Cora has taught me, these are not authentic fully fashioned stockings. These have stretch added, which I love. If you are looking for true fully fashioned stockings, these won't be on your list. I was sent two pairs of these stockings: a black pair in the 3/4 size and a beige pair in the size 5. The 3/4 are built for taller women while the 5 is their plus size version. Each of these pairs of stockings has a adorable bow design at the top, a sexy backseam down the back and ends in a great heel detail. These stockings are soft and easy to get on, as well as tough enough that I wore them around for a bit and took photos in them without putting a run in them.

This isn't a choice between looking good or looking geeky and you shouldn't feel pressured to dress in a certain way to please certain people. Gaining attention for your natural beauty beats a wolf whistle for a skimpy outfit anyway, so take heed of my friend Will's wise words, ladies.

Try looking for a great Colorful Flowers Pattern Legging that works for your body and skin tone.

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