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Shark Fishing off Lauderdale at it's BEST!



Jun 15, 2008, 4:35 AM

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Shark Fishing off Lauderdale at it's BEST! Can't Post

June 11th - 12th, 2008

Today we had two groups of people from two different places looking to catch some fish. Joe and Jay from Virginia joined Brandon and his father from Illinois aboard the LP II. We started off with the trolling gear ready to go and caught some kings and bonitos. Then we rigged some bigger baits and headed out to deeper water off Lauderdale. We tried several of our "secret spots" but never got a hit. Fishing has been off this year due to migration. The fish started heading our way later than usual. Two long hours of fishing and not catching went by and we suddenly got a bite. The rod tip bent over and started screamin! Jay jumped into the fighting chair and fought a 35 minute battle with a 6 foot Golden Hammerhead shark.

Today we had 5 different people from all over the country looking to do some deep sea sportfishing off Fort Lauderdale. We headed out Shallow Harbor in search for bait. We tried the local bouy and a few anchored ships but the bait fish were scarce today. We set the trolling gear out and it was one hit after another. The kingfish and spanish mackerels were hittin the deck in good numbers. However, our charter was more interested in catching big game fish so we ran 5 miles to a spot north of Port Everglades (I can't tell you guys my spot!). I dropped a bloody kingfish head down on the bottom and a fresh king tail to go with it and waited patiently. 55 long minutes passed and we got the bite and missed it. I put a fresh slab on there and dropped in down again, the balloon went under, we were hooked.....and he got away again. (It was pretty intense) Three's a charm though. I rigged another bait dropped er' down and he came back for more! He was hooked good this time and he was not a happy camper, he pulled 500 yards off the reel. Our 12 year old angler, Brandon, did a great job through out his fighting chair experience. He didn't stop reeling once and landed his first trophy, a 10' 8" Great Gray Hammerhead shark!

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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