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Happy Anglers aboard Fort Lauderdale's Premier Charter Fleet!



Jun 20, 2008, 6:19 PM

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Happy Anglers aboard Fort Lauderdale's Premier Charter Fleet! Can't Post

Morning David… just wanted to drop you a quick email and a few pics of the trip !! Wes and Darren were great as was the weather. We went and caught some bait fish by the buoy and then started trolling…. Wasn’t too long and we got our first of three King Fish… my mother in law then got a small Black fin. Fishing died off for the most part and although we had a great time catching those I thought our day had dried up… Wes made a phone call and we packed up the gear and headed to a wreck farther north… he broke out the big rig and we started fishing the bottom for a big fish that his buddy knew of… the first drop resulted in a huge hit but no fish !! We tried a bit longer on that one but no luck, so we moved to another, and then to another were Wes landed the monster !!!! As soon as we had it on Wes got my oldest boy Tyler into the chair and he started reeling… I actually had to sit on the end of the boat and hold the rod while he reeled… I could feel the fish fighting in my shoulder !! I know it probably wasn’t more than 10 or 15 minutes but it felt like an hour to Tyler…….. the whole time Wes and Darren were pumping him up for a huge catch and they were right !!!! ……. A huge Gold Stripe Amberjack !!! Wes and Darren said it was one of the biggest they have seen !!!! it was 49 inches and not sure how much it weighed but my son could hardly hold it……. We decided to keep it and he will have that memory for a while !! As we started back we continued to troll for a large Wahoo that we lost earlier in the day… my little guy Chance got a very decent Black fin Tuna and he worked hard to get than one in !!

I wish you would have been on board but we had a fantastic time !!!

Pics attached

Tell Wes and Darren thanks again and thank you as well !!

Scott Caspary

Clermont Florida

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