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Ft Lauderdale Kite Fishing on a December South Easter



Dec 12, 2008, 5:48 AM

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Ft Lauderdale Kite Fishing on a December South Easter Can't Post

December 10th, 2008

Today the Lady Pamela II had a full day of fishing, a full party in the morning and six people on a shared charter in the afternoon looking to catch some fish. We headed out of Shallow Harbor bright and early and loaded up on live goggle eyes. We popped the kites offshore and within 10 minutes we had a school of mahi - mahi surrounding the boat. We hooked 5 dolphin, 3 were legal size. Fresh baits went right back in the water and a 3 ft silky shark swam up and ate. Jenny jumped into the fighting chair and believe it or not, that 3 ft shark put up one hell of a fight. Jenny won the fight, we got some pictures and released him back into the water. We weren't going anywhere at this point, we were in a good spot. We rigged up another live bait, threw it in the water and a 7 ft hammerhead was hooked! I pulled the boat ahead, he took a run.....and he fell off. The morning trip was a success. We caught fresh dinner for our anglers and Jenny landed her first shark ever offshore fishing in Fort Lauderdale.

This afternoon we headed offshore with trolling gear set. The kingfish and bonitos were snapping, they were hittin' the deck left and right. On the way in we were trolling with live bonitos down an edge and caught some nice size barracuda's, a 38 incher and a 25 incher.

Awesome day aboard the Lady Pamela II, it was a mixed bag of fish!

Tight Lines!
Captain David Ide

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